About Me

Personal Details

I’m Gary Archer, 49 years old, I live in South East London in England and work near St Pauls Cathedral in Central London. Here’s me having a beer by the river in Rotherhithe:

Past Career

For the last 20 years I have worked at Dealogic on Large Distributed Software Systems – see my Online Profile for details.

Future Career?

Due to a re-org I will be seeking new employment in June 2018. I am writing this blog primarily to consolidate my own understanding, but I also hope it will improve my employment profile.

When I’m Not Working …

You’ll often find me hacking around at golf, with my fellow bunch of addicts. I run a Saturday Golf Society and have played over 200 courses – including many of the great links tracks around the British Isles.

Software Engineering can be challenging at times, but if you want to experience real technical complexity you need to try golf!